Ceci n'est pas une pute

These works highlight the collisions between Jones’ observations of a society through its politics and power. Jones’ art contemplates the impact of gender roles upon the objectification of women…merchandise and marketing creates commodities and clients.

The objectification of a woman and self objectification can be seen through the lens. What can’t be seen is the costs.

Jones is a conceptual artist and a bit of a maverick, whose works often reflect her many multi-dimensional characters. Her works are known for their raw edginess as it reflects some sexually provocative visual statements.  

Jones likes to work from a platform of large life-like scaled pieces. In the ‘Ceci n’est pas une pute’ series, works measure 48 X 72 Inches.   The subjects and themes in her works draws a tension within the subconscious psychological relations between viewer and the visual elements of the pieces of work.  


72 X 48 Inches, Metallic C-Print on Lucite