Kate Jones - Conceptual Artist 

“I want our daughters to grow up in a world where they are empowered not overpowered.”- Kate Jones

Born 1976, artist Kate Jones is of a generation that emerged in the wake created by the influence of Cindy Sherman. At age eighteen, Jones left Florida and ventured to Chicago before establishing herself in New York City in the late 1990s. It was there she studied under Professor Leonard Sussman and Professor Gail Levin.

While at Baruch College Jones worked under the guidance of Sussman and strived to develop an acute attention to form and narrative. This strengthened her vision and sharpened her photographical acumen. Jones is a feminist artist. Emerging from and through her focus on social interactions, Jones has deciphered her own visual and conceptual vocabulary of works. Her works are polarizing and politically charged lending themselves to social commentary.

While traveling the world, Kate Jones became fascinated with the psychology of deciphering the roles of men and women and the judgment of an individual cast by society. This questioned Jones’s observations about what is real and what is interpreted by society upon a simple exchange of eye contact.

She is an avid reader of historical philosophical works and the field of anthropology. These subjects intrigue her as she contemplates, within her own society, the character roles men and women embody throughout the history of different cultures and various civilizations around the world.

Kate Jones currently spends her time between Miami, FL and Columbus, OH.

Selected Exhibitions


Palm Springs Fine Art Fair


“Wondrous Indeed”, juror Phillip Toledano. The Center of Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO





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